Wednesday, 30 June 2010

End of June 2010

Soooo, how was your June? Got any plans for July?

All I care about is Caroline coming here in July... that's it.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tonyo.. The Next England Manager!

Alright then, Fabio Capello is going to quit England if they don't get to the next round. I think he'll probably quit anyway because the fans will start blaming him for losing in the Quarter Finals if England get that far. It's true. England's best manager in the last 20 years was Terry Venables, and they got rid of him when it wasn't his fault and England were really good. Since then, getting shite people to manage England has proved fatal. Why the hell do we have to endure a foreign manager controlling England? It makes no bloody sense. When Sven Goren Mobile-Phone became England manager, that was the day I said "Screw England, I'll be cheering Scotland on from now on!" Of course, Scotland haven't qualified for any cups since then either so I've been a bit stuck. I will always cheer on Japan though, they're going to win the cup in the next 100 years. ;) Also, if you think I'm betraying England by wanting Scotland to do well, I am actually part Scottish so I'm not, I'm just choosing my other country! I may have been born in England and live here, but I'm lucky to have another choice... they just need to do better. :D

So Capello is going to quit as manager. That means there's a job opportunity for us all. They will be looking around all the current football managers again. Now if I had to choose our next England manager, I'd easily pick any of these football pundits who seem to know everything. They're on TV all the time during the England games saying what the team should do, so if they know so much, let them have the keys to the England team! JOB DONE! We should easily have the European Cup in 2012. :) As long as the next manager is English, that'll be good. If he is English, I will buy a England shirt again at the next cup with pride.I am going to apply to be the next England manager. I will give my CV to them as well which is impressive. A few years ago, I won all the cups when I had my bout of addiction on Championship Manager 2, and I love FIFA games. Haha. Now we all know this will never happen, I could be rich and famous and I'd still not get the job. They'd rather choose another foreigner who ends up screwing the team up when the games matter instead of someone who can see the gameplay and knows where to have the best players on the pitch for their abilities.

If I was manager of England, I'd be promoting English football. The fans are as bad as the football association. I hate hearing fans of some Premiership team saying how much they spent for an Italian player. To me, that's just one less English potential that's missing out on valuable experience in Europe. I couldn't give a shit if Man Utd spent £100 million on so many foreign players. ALL English clubs should be bringing up young talent from our shores, and only be aloud to have 2 or 3 foreign players in the mix. Chelsea are a bitch for having anything but English players, and it should be stopped for the sake of England. Oh, and are any clubs in the UK owned by any English people anymore? If this country seriously wants to win a World Cup, or any medals whatsoever, then promote English teams!

Don't even mention to me about the Premiership being a brilliant league with a mixture of players. It's that fact that's ruined the England team and our game!

Last bit before I leave this topic alone. Football is ruined more by greed. It's not a sport anymore, it's a business. That's why I stopped giving a toss about the game over 10 years ago and only watch the Euro and World Cups. There's more passion about playing for your country than playing for some team getting stupid amounts of money. Some people may say that they've made it and deserve all the cash they get, but I disagree. Greed has ruined the game more than anything!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Japan and the CCN

It feels like I haven't done a proper blog in AGES. In fact, I haven't. I've been to Expo and since then all I've been doing is editing videos. Now I have the time to actually watch them but will probably make a day of it next week or something? I still have stuff to do and a lot to catch up with. I really want everything I need to do.. DONE before the end of June. I do have a list.

Japan won 1-0 against Cameroon. I am so pleased. I have a World Cup memory now where Japan kicked some ass and got a great goal. They usually do start really well though. At the last World Cup, they were beating Australia 1-0 until the last 10 minutes and then lost 3-1. They were also beating Brazil 1-0 too which made me feel a lot better because at the time I had flu.. then they lost 4-1 and got knocked out the cup. This time they have a chance, they just have to keep their defence strong as it is now and they'll get to the next round.

Now to the CCN, the Crazy Collaboration Network, some of the finest people on the net all in one. I was talking to the admins of TCT and ICN the other day about making the three channels 5 members each. It's not really viable yet for TCT and ICN but starting from the 28th of June, Kingdom Of Crazyness will become 5 members with two or three cover people. I believe this will make a much secure team, and if anyone leaves, the 1st cover person will be next in line to take over a day. The team will be making videos from Monday to Friday, so the week starting this Thursday will end on Wednesday next week, and then have 4 days off until the new format begins. Sayem on Monday, Sam on Tuesday, Rachel on Wednesday, Pete on Thursday, and Sammy on Friday. Pete will move from his Sunday spot to Thursday, taking over from Luke who has flitted over to the ICN. I am still quite shocked that Luke even wanted to move from KoC but in the end it's his choice. I will be leaving my Saturday and going on as cover, and I will be asking two people I know if they'd like to be the 2nd and 3rd cover people. I always hope nobody will need to cover but having subs on the bench is always handy. They don't even know who they are yet but they will as soon as I've posted this blog, whether they accept is another thing. I think Kingdom Of Crazyness will feel a bigger sense of being a team once this begins on 28th of June. I'm really looking forward to it.If you haven't subbed yet to the Kingdom, please go and do so and support us. It's still needing a lot of support and only you can help. *bows* I probably could go on and on with my blog but screw it, I'll do another one soon, it's nice to blog. :)

Friday, 4 June 2010

It's time for the Expo blog. How did the weekend go for the May 2010 London MCM Expo? Pretty damn good I'd say. I was bloody busy but it was so epic. This is my blog for my sites, if you want to check my blogs for MCM which are the cleaner versions, please go check out and keep an eye on MCM Buzz. For videos, check my YouTube channel...

Right then, time to go through the weekend and what I got up to. Of course, I go from Friday to Monday, and if you don't, you should start. Best weekends of the year.

The Expo weekend always starts for me when I walk out the door with my bags packed, head to the train station for London. I met up with Jodie and we headed off. We got to London a little earlier than usual this time so I managed to get things sorted out and meet a lot of people before heading out to Forbidden Planet and Namco arcade.
I actually bought something from the Planet this time. The last two times I've been to Forbidden Planet, I've left without buying anything. This time I got Prince Of Tennis volumes 35, 36, and 37. I also got Oh My Goddess volumes 4 to 7 for only 99p each. BARGAIN!
Me and the group eventually got to Namco arcade after having a great feast at McDonalds. The plan was for me to film the second Air-Hockey Tournament. I filmed the first one at Namco without any problems, but this time the management stopped me and said it was copyright to film in the arcade. I had a dispute with the manager about having filmed the first tournament in October 2009, and it's stupid not being able to film because the tournament doesn't only bring custom, it also means free advertisement for them via Tonyo Times. They refused, said we could take photos as long as we didn't take pictures with the Namco label in them, and then left us alone. I think it's a whole pile of crap about copyright, and the laws have gone insane and don't know what they're doing anymore. Seriously, is recording air-hockey really piracy?
The Air-Hockey Tournament continued with 24 players taking part. The champion who deserved the title is Daniel Pulley, also known as the man who got us all out of bed for the Sunrise Cosplay Meet on Saturday morning before Expo. That's coming up in this blog in a moment.
After leaving Namco, we all caught the ferry from the London Eye, all the way to the Millennium Dome.. sorry, wait, the O2 Arena. Stupid name change, it'll always be the dirty dome to me! Then we all headed back to our hotels, some to continue the fun and get drunk, others like myself to get a bit of rest before going out at 4am to watch the sun rise. Ohhhh, the funs.

So after tossing and turning in bed until 3am, I got absolutely no sleep at all. I got up, donned the Professor Oak costume, had a bit of food, grabbed my box of fortune cookies, and headed out to meet loads of people for the Sunrise Cosplay Meet. When the sun came up, it was cloudly and we didn't see anything, but we had some laughs and I made a few videos.
After the meet, me and a few others waited outside the ExCeL for the doors to be opened. We waited at the west entrance, while a bunch of others were waiting at the brand new east entrance, including Joe (Granny Gertrude) who dragged himself out of bed for the madness. Their side won though, they came in laughing at us because were we all still waiting outside. It was still a lot of fun.
We all queued up, got our goodie bags and wristbands, and then waited to get into the Expo. The new wristbands are cool, I think they're a lot better than other events where people have to wear huge badges. Some folks have a problem with the wristbands, I can't understand why they're complaining to be honest.
Half an hour late, we eventually get into the Expo hall. My first stops were getting the masquerade ticket, seeing the guys at Tecmo Koei, and buying stuff. After that, I did a wander video which felt like a chore. The place filled up so quickly it was hard to move around. I only did this one wander which I'm gutted about, I like filming the cosplayers, so this was one of the many fails when it came to recording over the Expo weekend.
After wandering about, taking some photos and meeting people, myself, Georgina and Lee, went to the Cosplay Fever desk and registered ourselves to hopefully get into the next book. Now it's no secret that my ambition for 2010 is to get into Cosplay Fever. Not on their website, that's ok, but I would love to be in the second volume. I didn't know anything about the first one being released so hopefully Professor Oak will be in the new one being released in October. We had to follow a photographer around and we all had different shots taken in different locations and poses. It was fun. This was the reason there was no second wander video on Saturday I think?
The next thing to do was the Nintendo DS World Record. We beat that by 200 so we hold the record now. 586 will be difficult for any country, but if anyone wants a go, bring it! While we were waiting for the Record to start, Stuart saw me in the audience and dragged me up on stage. I had to pick three people from the audience and then had to answer questions to win them prizes. It was Stuart's revenge for making the 'Seriously Stuart, A Cow' video back in February. Now I'm trying to think of other ways to get him back for dragging me up there. I'll think of something when I have more time. ;)
I went back to the hotel after this and got more comfortable in my Japan footy shirt. I didn't take my fortune cookies back to Expo and I'd got rid of more than half anyway, I grabbed my tripod ready to film the masquerade. I can't carry too much, it'd end up driving me insane.
Getting back to the Expo, I went to the Tecmo Koei booth again hoping to record Will and Chin playing Fist Of The North Star. It was far too loud though as thousands of people were wandering around the event. Instead, Will let me have a go on the game, and then Laura had a chat with me about it on camera. I really enjoyed doing that. :) When Will said he wanted to get me for an interview, I thought he'd be dragging me on and asking me questions himself about all sorts of crazy things, but this was a professional set-up and I loved it. Thanks guys, that's one of the highlights of May Expo for me.
Everything was running late, the Masquerade didn't start until 6pm which is usually the closing time for Expo on Saturday. It was worth waiting for, and seeing as I missed Doctor Who as well because the Masquerade finished at 8pm, I didn't care. I can quite happily watch that again after the Expo had finished. The quality of the Masquerade, and seeing the first qualifier for the Euro Cosplay Championships, it was amazing.
After a long hard day, and no sleep the night before, I went back to the hotel to find everyone ready for the Nerf War that I organised. I called it off because it was raining heavily outside, and with it being so late, it wasn't going to happen. What I want to know is, if everyone wanted to play in the rain, WHY DIDN'T YOU DO IT? Don't wait for me, I was never going to play with a Nerf gun or take my camcorder outside in that! You know London rain burns your skin right? Haha.
I got some chips and salad from the Premier Travel Inn bar, and afterwards went straight to sleep. Before this though, someone came up to me asking if he could have a future yum. I told him, as soon as I got my food, I'd be back down with his fortune cookie.. aka, future yum. What he didn't realise was, I was going to give him the whole box. He had a camera, so gave him the box and told him to give it an adventure as long as I got the photos tagged or linked to me afterwards. At time of writing this, I still await the photos.
After food, my head hit the pillow and I was gone. I'd been awake for 41 hours, and before this my record was 33 hours of being awake. I never want to do 41 hours again!

I woke up after 6 hours sleep, threw on my Nerf War combat gear, and went to queue for 6am. I think everyone was far too tired to mess about on this morning so there's no rave videos or anything. The one thing I did do, I recorded going around the zig-zag queue. That was fun. What did piss me off was the fact grown adults were jumping the zig-zag barrier. I was third in the queue, I ended up way down the line in like 30th. Something has to be done about these lazy people! Don't worry, I got you on camera!
I also found out my Professor Oak cosplaying mate, Matthew, had the fortune cookie box and there were still cookies inside. He's found it in his hotel room on the Sunday morning, so the mystery begins on how it got there. He continued the adventures and took a few photos. They can be found on Facebook.
Once inside the Expo, I went to Tecmo and recorded Will playing Fist Of The North Star. That was totally epic. The game feels a lot more fluid and playable than Dynasty Warriors in my opinion.
I did some shopping after this and took a load of photographs of cosplayers. I bought the seventh series of Naruto on DVD, and two t-shirts with Euro Cosplay Championships on. All in all, I hardly spent anything this weekend because I was busy, plus I couldn't get Naruto series eight, so that sucked.
At 11am until about 12.20pm, it was time for the Crazy Collaboration Network meet. At Expo, five members of TCT were there, two members of ICN, and six from KoC. Haha, I'm one of the members of Kingdom Of Crazyness so we ruled. There will be videos on all three channels, so if you haven't seen them, go have a gander and subscribe if you like what you see. Support the CCN and spread the word, there are 21 members of pure excellentness and we all appreciate any support we can get...
After the CCN meet, I went back to the hotel to freshen up again, and then it was back to the Expo to watch the Masquerade. Once again, very high quality cosplays on show. Everyone who went on stage over the weekend needs to feel really proud. It was all brilliant. Thanks everyone who were brave enough to go up there.
In between the CCN meet and the Masquerade, I was supposed to do some special stuff for MCM Buzz, but because of time restraints, and also the organisers being very busy, it weren't able to happen. Next time. ;)
After the Expo has ended, it was time to head back to the hotel to gather a few troops, and go for food. The chippy near the ExCeL is really good, and it definitely fills you up in places that were neglected over the weekend. I know I didn't eat properly. Does anyone?
Some of the funniest moments of the Expo happened after the chippy. We went to meet Luna who was going to do a glowstick meet, but weather-wise and with all the chavs hanging around near the Novotel, we all kind of decided to hang about in the ExCeL. We had a game of Russian Roulette with Corinna's Nerf Gun, that was ace. Joey and Chris did their news report thing again which had everyone laughing so much, brilliant videos were made inside the ExCeL. ;) Then we kicked my sponge football from the west entrance to the east entrance. So many laughs in about half an hour.
When we got back to the Premirt Travel Inn, we decided to play a game of football, so a few of us went to the side of the PTI on some dirt ground and made a Japan verses Scotland match. Of course, I was captain of Japan wearing my Japanese shirt, and Paul captained Scotland wearing his Celtic shirt. The final score... Japan 1, Scotland 0. YES. We started playing another game which only got to half time, Japan was winning 1-0 again, but then the miserable PTI staff came outside and stopped us.
Later on, we tried to do the after Expo chat at the ExCeL new entrance, but it failed because there were about 25 people. Too many people for a chat, and this really made my decision that planning anything over Expo weekend ends in fail. The air-hockey failed, the Nerf War failed, I didn't feel the CCN meet went that well, and then the chat failed. Thanks to Simon, we used his room to have another chat with about 14 of us, and we went through a range of Expo topics. It went very well.
After the chat, some of us (only about 6 or 7 of us) went into the PTI lobby for a early morning chat which we did in October '09 and loved it. Another plan, another fail, the miserable PTI staff said we had to leave the lobby and go to our rooms.
Early hours of the morning, there was a little bit of drama which I wont post in my blog. I got about 3 hours sleep... ah, we're into Monday really aren't we?

I woke up around 9am, finished packing my bag, and then we were off. We met loads of people in the lobby, and we said goodbye for now to Paul and Kaz as they're going to move to China. You'll be missed guys so much.
There was a long stupid journey using buses and the underground to get to King's Cross. Most of the transport services were off because of Bank Holiday Monday and repairing all their rusty rails. Thanks to Rick, who was an epic guide to get us to our destinations, we all made it with no problems.
The problem arised when we got to King's Cross and we got on the wrong train. Our train then buggered off 4 minutes before it should have done, so our 1.30pm departure was fail, and we had to pay £35 each and wait until 4.05pm. That was so tiring. Thanks Joey for sticking around at the station and having a good chat, that was a lot of fun. The things we were talking about can't be put here, but if you've seen that photo of Joey wearing hardly anything and showing some of his bits, then you'll know what the chat was about... ohhh, that's an image I need to erase. ARGH!
So we all got home safe and sound, and already started planning the October Expo. My Monday consisted of staying up late to watch the last Flash Forward and then go to bed and sleep for 14 hours on Tuesday. I needed that. Shame I was feeling ill with a number of thing... I blame the underground!

So another Expo is over. It's sad leaving London, I hate doing that. I'd like to thank all of my friends who made the weekend so amazing. I'd like to thank Sheffield Space Centre for sponsoring Tonyo Times, and thanks to everyone at Tecmo for making me feel so awesome with the interview and letting me film the game again. Thank you everyone at MCM for being so nice, not a single Steward I met was insane this time and I had quite a few conversations with a lot of people working around Expo. Thanks also to MCM for giving me the opportunity with MCM Buzz and being the offiicial Blogger of Expo. Thanks Cosplay Fever for taking my photos, and I really really want to get in the next book. ;) I don't want to thank the Premier Travel Inn because the staff there were really rude, and they've doubled the price of their hotel for May next year which really is beyond a joke. Finally, I want to say, I Love You Caroline and all weekend I was wishing you was with me, I can't wait for your first Expo. xxxx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

TonyoTV and Depression

I'll be on BlogTV tonight (Tuesday 25th May) from 7pm GMT. It's my last camstream before the Expo, so we can have a group chat and see if we're prepared enough. I think this will be handy to remind us of forgotten things before the weekend.

7pm GMT - Tuesday 25th May 2010

NERF WAR.... It'll start at 8pm now. Doctor Who is on at 7pm this Saturday which is later than usual, so I've put the time on by half an hour. Before we start shooting, the Pocky Brigade will be back chasing Joey down, then war shall begin!

Alright, now to the depressing bit. Half an hour before doing this, I did my videos which needed filming, I was hyper, maybe a little too hyper, and then I got depressed. Reason being.. Lost finished! It's sinking in now that it's over. 6 years worth of my favourite TV show and it's all finished. Tony is very sad. I suppose I'd be alright with having Flash Forward to look forward to but that finishes this Monday and they f***ing cancelled it! Looks like I'll have to take things into my own hands then doesn't it?

Not only this, on Sunday at noon, England are playing against...... JAPAN! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, F***! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why Expo weekend when I'm having fun and being busy, WHY? I've been wanting to see England play against Japan for years, now it happens, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *SWEARS A LOT* I want a time machine! God damn it, I hate you FIFA!

In other news, I got my Japanese football shirt today. I'm very proud to support my country. ;)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Pre-Expo Info Blog

Alright, this is my last blog about Expo before the big event. I go down there in 4 days, stay there from Friday to Monday, and have one of the best times ever. This time, I'm probably more busy than any other Expo. I think my sleep times will range from none to completely none, and by Monday morning I'll still be hyper drinking Coke. LET'S DO THIS!

I meet Jodie, and we head off to London. We'll probably get to the Premier Travel Inn just before 2pm, so please, whoever has my number, don't text me. It's nice of you to ask where I am but I get swamped. It's a tradition I'd like to stop. Here.. if I'm not there by 2.30pm, text me then. :P
After saying hello to loads of my awesome friends, it's time to head off into London at 4pm. If you're going, meet outside the PTI at 3.45pm because if you're not out there by 4pm, you'll miss going with the group. If nobody else is going at 4pm, I'll see you all later at Namco. :P
First stop is Forbidden Planet, then off for food (I'm going to McDonalds), and then to Namco Arcade. As soon as I get in there, I'll be setting up my camera and starting the Air-Hockey Tournament. If the demand is as high as it seems, it could be a long tournament. If you're not planning on sticking around in Namco, do not enter the tournament, the last thing I'll want is someone to get into the next round and leave, or can't be found and waste people's time looking for you. That WILL annoy me. *evil Tony look* Yes, anyway, hehe. I have prizes for the final which Sheffield Space Centre complimented us with, so really epic stuff.
I have no idea when the Tournament will end but hopefully if we can keep it flowing well, it'll end before 9pm. I want to do my game of Deal Or No Deal and win this time.Anyway, make sure you have your pennies with you, it's going to be an epic night. After Namco, it's back to the PTI, and to bed as soon as I get there as well.

Up at 3am, get dressed up as Professor Oak, and get into the PTI lobby at 4am. I'll get up at 3am because other than getting ready, I'll need food. 4.05am, it's to the ExCeL where the bridge is... what bridge? Haha. Oh well, someone will know. A load of us cosplayers will then watch the sun rise, and then queue up. Sammy will be doing a Pokewalker Challenge starting at 5.30am so if you want to be a part of that, check her Facebook, she'll be tagged on this blog on that said website.
I wasn't going to get up that early but I think it'll be a lot of fun and I want my place at the front of the queue.
We queue up, which is also a big part of the Expo weekend, and then go into the event. First thing's first, I want my Masquerade ticket. Then I'm going to the Tecmo Koei stand because they have epic stuffs.I will be doing my first wander video very early in the day before the place gets crowded. I want to see the stalls properly and film the lot. I will do a second wander video later on though concentrating more on the cosplayers.
At 12pm, it's the Nintendo DS World Record attempt, which will be broken. Later on, I'll queue for Masquerade and watch a brilliant event. It's the qualifier for the Euro Cosplay Championships so one not to miss. Of course, as always, I'll be dreading my camera going pop or something. I don't think I show my worries when I'm there but I'm always scared my camera will mess up or something.
Straight after Masquerade, I'm not waiting for anything, it's a mad dash back to PTI to watch Doctor Who. At 7.30pm, it's the Nerf War, which Georgina has kindly said she'd film using my camera and following me about in the war. Last time we did this, I didn't film anything, so this time I want something for Tonyo Times' Expo Extra. That'll be fun. Oh, and the Pocky Brigade is abck as Joey does the crazy thing of sticking Pocky to himself and running. He'll have a 20 second head start this time, and only a minute to catch him. THAT WILL BE IMMENSE!
To end the night, it's time for pizza and a relaxing time in the PTI lobby and bar. I doubt it'll be an early night, but I think I'll try being earlier than usual.
Up early to queue for the relaxing day at Expo. Professor Oak will be put away until 2012 because on Sunday, I'll be the Nerf Ninja. I'll have my two guns, and Nerf combat gear on. It will be epic.
From 11am to 12.30pm, it's the Crazy Collaboration Meet just inside ExCeL west entrance (Custom House station side). If there's anyone you like on TCT, ICN or KoC, this is a good chance to meet them. Not all members will be there, but quite a few will be.In the afternoon, it's the Masquerade, so I'll be queuing again for that and hoping my cameras behave. I am planning on having a third camcorder by October. Just got to save the pennies until then.
After the Expo is over, me and a few others go to the chippy. This time, we'll be heading over to hang out with Luna and friends. I suggested a game of football to see in the World Cup and I've taken it upon myself to lead Japan to victory. I want 4 teams to play a league, about 5-7 minutes per game, and hopefully we'll get people to film it and take photos. It might get a bit dark though? I will have my official world cup Japan shirt for then, I can't wait to wear it for my country. Haha.
The last thing on Sunday will be the chat. The After-Expo Chat is the controverisal and most honest view you'll see, EVER! Me and a group of Expo friends talk about the weekend. It's the most unwatched thing on my Expo Extra videos, but it's still one of those things we need to do to complete the weekend.

I'll probably be in the lobby until late drinking a can of Pepsi, unless nobody else I know is in there. I want to do the lobby again, it was fun in October.
I get a little bit of sleep and then it's home time. Boo *cries* Then we all get home, get online, and talk about what we're doing in October.

I must stress that I have so much to do, with things I haven't included in this, that my time has to be accurate and I cannot wait around for anyone. I do apologise in advance if you're expecting anything of me, but if I have to be somewhere like I've stated here, then I will have to go. Time is a big issue this Expo, too much to film, not enough time.

Other things I will be filming will be the new Expo People, MCM Buzz Special, and I have another plan which I think I'll keep to myself because it's mine. :PAlright, let's all have some fun, and see you at Expo. YES!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

CCN Magazine

Anyone in the Crazy Collaboration Network thinking 'what the hell is with that title?' YES, I'm making us a magazine. I'm on Kingdom Of Crazyness from this Saturday taking over Corinna's role. I'm quite looking forward to making my return, and in celebration I'm going to gather the videos every week and make a magazine on Thursdays with the previous weeks 21 videos from all 3 channels. Hopefully it'll evolve over time with new sections, but it'll start with just the weeks videos.

Anyways, if you haven't already made your video for next week, you can always make a video on the non-themed week saying hello or something as they'll go in the first issue. The first one will be out on Thursday 27th May and will contain the videos from this Thursday to next Wednesday. Or in better terms.. TCT Week 73, ICN Week 48, and KoC Week 21.

Only thing I'd ask everyone to do is put a bit more in the video description as that's the info I'll likely be using to put with the video on eBooks. Okies, so let's see how thing goes. This Thursday is bit of a new start. ;) I'll tag everyone I can on Facebook so hopefully you'll all know about this. If people don't, make sure you spread the word. The CCN is about to expand a little bit.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pokewalker and Fringe

Couple of things to talk about here before I go to bed. Fortunately, tonight is my last night at work until Thursday. I work next weekend and then I have a week off for Expo. YES! So this week I'll be sorting any media stuff I need to and save all the little bits and bobs for the week after.Pokewalker.. I made a status on my Facebook asking if anyone had a Pokewalker. I got quite a good response but now I'm going to explain why I asked and everyone will groan and leave the room. :P

If you've seen my Tonyo Times blogs where I make a newspaper cover thing, I like getting people to take photos of a certain genre and I add them to that. This time, I want people to take photos with their Pokewalkers. Add your photo to Facebook and tag me, I'll nab it and put it on a Tonyo Times. :) I know I'll get people saying they'll do it and then never do. That's the way it's always been, but as long three or four people give it a go, I'll be pleased.

I might make a special gallery on my Expo ebook (after Expo) for Pokewalker owners. I will be looking for people at Expo who have one to take photos. Let's see how many I can get.

Fringe.. If you've been keeping up to date with what's happening at Expo, you'll see a lot of talk about Fringe actors. To be perfectly honest, I hadn't got a clue what Fringe was. I thought it was a programme about a hair salon or something. It isn't though, it's J.J. Abrams latest series which has gone into two seasons and has been signed for a third. I haven't seen any of it yet but after having a read about it and with Amazon customers rating it very highly, I took the plunge and bought the first series. So you know what else I'll be doing before Expo weekend. Cheers MCM, I may have found a new series that I desperately need since Lost is finishing in a couple of weeks. *cries* Nooooooo, don't end Lost... wait, actually, please end, it's getting stupid. Haha.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Rant: Battle of the Shifts

This blog may contain bad language. Well it does, nothing too extreme though. ;)

Take note, I don't mind having a bit of banter with anyone, only a bit mind. But when someone I don't know thinks they're so ace they can talk how they like, bring it bitches! I also don't like talking about work when I'm at home but sometimes it can be fun to get certain things off your chest, and someone might read this who might have experienced the same crap?

This morning, the day shift came in. God knows what their problem is, probably the fact that we get paid more for working nights? HA! They don't think that they have less work to do during the day and they take the piss anyway, night staff work a lot harder and have a lot more to do, in the same time frame the ignorant dicks on days have.

"Ohh, looks like the night shift have been doing nothing again all night," said this absolute and utter dick I didn't know. A lot of other people might just turn away from someone they didn't even know and be offended in private. NOT ME! I started doing a fake laugh and shouted "Hey Roman, you hear this day shift numpty, he reckons we've done nothing all night." Me and my work buddy, Roman, looked at the idiot and just laughed. I can't shut up though.. "Oh well, we'll leave the little work that's left for these day shift slackers then!" After I gave a smirk to the idiot who said it and he forced a smile, we finished up and went home, laughing all the way to our lockers. There was a funny smell too as we went, so of course we started cracking day shift jokes.

Tony: Can you smell that?

Tony & Roman: Yeah, must be day shift! Haha.

Tony: They probably don't know what baths are, I know they don't do any work but it doesn't mean they shouldn't have a shower or something.

We both said a few more things that probably can't be printed here, laughed all the way outside and came home in good spirits for giving a day shift berk his own medicine. I haven't really got anything against the day shift workers, we just came up against someone we've never seen before who thought he was a smart ass... then he met me! Hahaha. This wasn't a rant really was it? I quite enjoyed typing this. :)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Animal Crossing Pictures

Thanks to Ruth for reminding me. :) I mentioned on TonyoTV last week about Animal Crossing pictures. If you've played the game on Nintendo DS, you'll know the animals give you their photo if they consider you a really good friend. So now everyone's sparked up their cameras or artistic abilities and doing each other pictures and stuff.

If you want to swap with me, it can be at Expo if you're going or at some other point in the future, I will do you a picture. If you want to do this, please comment on this blog (Note) on my Facebook. I have so many blogging sites now the only one I can keep proper track with is my Facebook.

I will note everyone down and try and do something. If I can find some picture frames, I'll even frame them. I don't want someone to give me theirs and I have nothing to give in return so make sure you tell me here. :) I'll probably make people them anyways but I'd feel awkward if someone gave me a picture and I didn't have anything to give back.

The picture can be anything really. A photo of yourself, a picture of me, anything you like. Art is really cool too which I think most people would do. I haven't got a lot of time on my hands and my artistic talent left me when I was a kid, but might give it a shot? Otherwise I'll have photos of myself. Haha. Okies, so let's do this. GO!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Rainy Days

Firstly, go check out my friend's blog. Luna's needing cosplayers to help her blog, so check it out and give her a hand.

The weather is really fine today.. fine and sodding wet. It's bloody windy, rainy, and I got bloody wet coming home from work. Even though the roads were soaking and puddles were as far as the eye could bloody see, I still didn't let someone beat me to a challenge. Every now and then, I get someone thinking they're fitter than me and speed past me on their bikes. I have to laugh as they keep looking back to see where I am as they get more tired by each push on their peddles. Of course today I didn't even give the challenger a chance... bye bye.
There was one time when this dude challenged me twice within a week. I did the same thing to him both times as well. He flew past thinking he was epic, but as soon as the hills come, it's time to eat dust, or in todays case.. rain! No no, wait, you drink rain. Eww, wait, no, you don't, bad! Have you tasted rain lately? I got a drop in my gob the other day and it's disgusting! EWWW! Yeah anyway, don't challenge me, it makes me smile when you're tired and I fly by you at double speed.PicnicCon is today. I think? With the weather, I'm not sure it's a good idea. Even if it was a normal meet and not a picnic, I don't think I'd want to go outside anyway. I'm sat here in my shorts while my clothes dry off in front of the fire. I'd throw them in the wash but seeing as I have just one night of work left, might as well just dry them off.

I did make a Facebook status yesterday saying I wasn't going to PicnicCon today. My sleep pattern is just right for my night shift, and on a Saturday it's hard enough with Doctor Who being on. I think I'm going to do a Midlands Cosplay Meet sometime in June now, or maybe July. I have no set date for my own meet now. It's really difficult to organise my own thing when there's Shefcos and now PicnicCon going on. Two other events, nobody can afford to attend them all and the same places can get a little dull after a while. So I'll probably do Mid Cos Meet 8 at Meadowhall sometime next month, and then the 9th meet in Leeds as long as we get a guide... Tallie? ;) Would anyone be interested in Nottingham?

My plans for the day are sleep, get up for tea and Doctor Who, and then work. Once the weekend starts, I can make my final Tonyo Questioned video and then get on with the London Expo videos. I have two videos planned, possibly a third one? I also have to make my pre-Expo eBook and promote the stuff that's going on over the Expo weekend like my Air-Hockey Tournament at Namco and the Nerf War.

Air-Hockey... just to let you know if you are going to be at Namco on the Friday, it will be first come first served for entrants, I might be making it up to 24 or 32 players depending on how many are going and what the time will be, and there will be a prize for the champion. Last time, 16 players took part. Now the tournament is established, I'll be making records this time and hopefully making the videos look a bit more professional.
Nerf War... it'll be outside the Premier Travel Inn on Saturday at about 7.30pm. We'll do the Pocky Run with Joey first and then we'll battle. Anyone can take part even if you haven't got a Nerf gun, and if you have a camcorder that'd be great because we need footage of all angles. The more people who attend the Nerf War, the better.

I will be talking Expo again soon in a special blog on here, and it'll all be in my eBook as well. Oh, and on my Times News too. :) Now then, got to copy and paste this crap to about 10 blogging sites which takes longer than typing the bleedin' thing, then I'm going to catch up with the Crazy Collaboration Network. BOOSH!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dream: Bring It Statham!

I had an epic dream today. It started off a little strange but hopefully it means I wont dream about work again. For the last couple of weeks, I've dreamt about work about 4 times. It's bad enough being there but dreaming about it too, not good. I do like blogging my dreams though as long as they're epic.

In this dream, I was leaving the bloody work place. I was riding my mountain bike up this road really casual like when one of my work colleagues zipped past me. I took him on, we raced a bit here and there, and then we went our seperate ways when we got to some traffic lights.My dream changed here. My bike vanished and a queue of people I work with were all waiting for the lights to turn green. We were all on the road stood there, no cars or bikes, that was odd. I stood next to my future brother and sister-in-law, Matthew and Maggie, and in front of them was another one of my work colleagues, who I call Smiley. In fact, I'll call her Smiley throughout this blog. We were all shocked when she was stood next to Jason Statham, cuddling and kissing him. He gave us all a look and said "What you f***ing looking at" and wanted to start on us. Everyone ran in different directions away from Statham, and someone I didn't know ran up this road and told me to go the other side so we can stop Statham and his rage.The whole setting then changed to a giant warehouse. I turned into some kind of freerunning ninja. Everywhere I jumped, higher, lower, on to some walls and barriers, I was landing them perfectly. Statham came after me and we started battling, he threw cardboard rolls at me, and I dodged them and hit them away with my own cardboard roll... you know those roll packaging you get posters in sometimes, yes those, we were actually fighting with cardboard rolls! Anyhoos, this other person I didn't know distracted him, I ran away and saw Smiley just standing there watching the battle. My view went to some sellotape, which I unwrapped and left on the floor so Statham would trip into it and get stuck. I ran down the warehouse, found some flying cars, I jumped in one and flew off. I saw Statham raging at me from the floor, I got away, he was pissed off.Why was Jason Staham so angry at my escape, well this is where the flashback bit comes in. My dream became like a movie and I couldn't have written it better. It went back to where I saw Smiley, I gagged her, tied her up, did the sellotape trap, picked her up and ran to the flying car... gone! See ya Jase.Now I don't know if I was actually saving Smiley or not, but I think she was in danger and he was going to turn into some creature and eat everyone? I don't know. But the fight scenes were epic. Jet Li, you aint got anything on my skills... in my dreams.In reality, I just miss holes over walls when I'm freerunning, and when I try and ninja a tree for the first time in about 15 years, I fall into a bush. Only in my sodding dreams innit.

In other news... I got Time Bandits, Howard The Duck, and Transformers on DVD today. Also, Naruto 47, and two new .Hack mangas. YES! Boosh! I ALSO HAS LEGO!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Tonight, from 7pm GMT, I'll be hosting a cam stream talking about a range of things. With London Expo coming soon, it'll be a good way to confirm who's going, how many people will be going to Namco on the Friday to enter my second Air-Hockey Tournament, who's interested in the Nerf War on Saturday evening outside the Premier Travel Inn, and who wants to be a part of the Sunday night Expo chat that nobody watches on YouTube. Sooooo, if you're going to Expo, make sure you come tonight and leave feedback on the ideas that are coming to Tonyo Times.

TonyoTV on BlogTV from 7pm GMT, 4th May 2010.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

New Links

May has begun, and it's probably going to be the busiest month of 2010 for me. I have so much to do, 90% of it being media and computer related. I'm going to start off May with some important links, including the new MCM site which will soon contain my blogs about Expo, so please go check that out and bung it into your favourites folder. ;)I have work this evening and then it's the weekend for me. The glory of working only three nights, and the bummer of having to work Saturdays. I think something has to change with my work at some point this year so I don't work Saturday, it stops me doing so much these days.I've got a few new blogging site links starting today, the profiles need some updating but that can wait until I start my weekend.

TonyoTV - Tuesday 4th May 2010 - From 7pm GMT I'll be talking about all kinds of stuff, from the Crazy Collaboration Network to London Expo. I'll be talking about our gaming band, Neon Knights, and I'll try and get Bernard on cam again for a chat.


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