Tuesday, 18 May 2010

CCN Magazine

Anyone in the Crazy Collaboration Network thinking 'what the hell is with that title?' YES, I'm making us a magazine. I'm on Kingdom Of Crazyness from this Saturday taking over Corinna's role. I'm quite looking forward to making my return, and in celebration I'm going to gather the videos every week and make a magazine on Thursdays with the previous weeks 21 videos from all 3 channels. Hopefully it'll evolve over time with new sections, but it'll start with just the weeks videos.

Anyways, if you haven't already made your video for next week, you can always make a video on the non-themed week saying hello or something as they'll go in the first issue. The first one will be out on Thursday 27th May and will contain the videos from this Thursday to next Wednesday. Or in better terms.. TCT Week 73, ICN Week 48, and KoC Week 21.

Only thing I'd ask everyone to do is put a bit more in the video description as that's the info I'll likely be using to put with the video on eBooks. Okies, so let's see how thing goes. This Thursday is bit of a new start. ;) I'll tag everyone I can on Facebook so hopefully you'll all know about this. If people don't, make sure you spread the word. The CCN is about to expand a little bit.

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