Friday, 14 May 2010

Rant: Battle of the Shifts

This blog may contain bad language. Well it does, nothing too extreme though. ;)

Take note, I don't mind having a bit of banter with anyone, only a bit mind. But when someone I don't know thinks they're so ace they can talk how they like, bring it bitches! I also don't like talking about work when I'm at home but sometimes it can be fun to get certain things off your chest, and someone might read this who might have experienced the same crap?

This morning, the day shift came in. God knows what their problem is, probably the fact that we get paid more for working nights? HA! They don't think that they have less work to do during the day and they take the piss anyway, night staff work a lot harder and have a lot more to do, in the same time frame the ignorant dicks on days have.

"Ohh, looks like the night shift have been doing nothing again all night," said this absolute and utter dick I didn't know. A lot of other people might just turn away from someone they didn't even know and be offended in private. NOT ME! I started doing a fake laugh and shouted "Hey Roman, you hear this day shift numpty, he reckons we've done nothing all night." Me and my work buddy, Roman, looked at the idiot and just laughed. I can't shut up though.. "Oh well, we'll leave the little work that's left for these day shift slackers then!" After I gave a smirk to the idiot who said it and he forced a smile, we finished up and went home, laughing all the way to our lockers. There was a funny smell too as we went, so of course we started cracking day shift jokes.

Tony: Can you smell that?

Tony & Roman: Yeah, must be day shift! Haha.

Tony: They probably don't know what baths are, I know they don't do any work but it doesn't mean they shouldn't have a shower or something.

We both said a few more things that probably can't be printed here, laughed all the way outside and came home in good spirits for giving a day shift berk his own medicine. I haven't really got anything against the day shift workers, we just came up against someone we've never seen before who thought he was a smart ass... then he met me! Hahaha. This wasn't a rant really was it? I quite enjoyed typing this. :)

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