Friday, 7 May 2010

Rainy Days

Firstly, go check out my friend's blog. Luna's needing cosplayers to help her blog, so check it out and give her a hand.

The weather is really fine today.. fine and sodding wet. It's bloody windy, rainy, and I got bloody wet coming home from work. Even though the roads were soaking and puddles were as far as the eye could bloody see, I still didn't let someone beat me to a challenge. Every now and then, I get someone thinking they're fitter than me and speed past me on their bikes. I have to laugh as they keep looking back to see where I am as they get more tired by each push on their peddles. Of course today I didn't even give the challenger a chance... bye bye.
There was one time when this dude challenged me twice within a week. I did the same thing to him both times as well. He flew past thinking he was epic, but as soon as the hills come, it's time to eat dust, or in todays case.. rain! No no, wait, you drink rain. Eww, wait, no, you don't, bad! Have you tasted rain lately? I got a drop in my gob the other day and it's disgusting! EWWW! Yeah anyway, don't challenge me, it makes me smile when you're tired and I fly by you at double speed.PicnicCon is today. I think? With the weather, I'm not sure it's a good idea. Even if it was a normal meet and not a picnic, I don't think I'd want to go outside anyway. I'm sat here in my shorts while my clothes dry off in front of the fire. I'd throw them in the wash but seeing as I have just one night of work left, might as well just dry them off.

I did make a Facebook status yesterday saying I wasn't going to PicnicCon today. My sleep pattern is just right for my night shift, and on a Saturday it's hard enough with Doctor Who being on. I think I'm going to do a Midlands Cosplay Meet sometime in June now, or maybe July. I have no set date for my own meet now. It's really difficult to organise my own thing when there's Shefcos and now PicnicCon going on. Two other events, nobody can afford to attend them all and the same places can get a little dull after a while. So I'll probably do Mid Cos Meet 8 at Meadowhall sometime next month, and then the 9th meet in Leeds as long as we get a guide... Tallie? ;) Would anyone be interested in Nottingham?

My plans for the day are sleep, get up for tea and Doctor Who, and then work. Once the weekend starts, I can make my final Tonyo Questioned video and then get on with the London Expo videos. I have two videos planned, possibly a third one? I also have to make my pre-Expo eBook and promote the stuff that's going on over the Expo weekend like my Air-Hockey Tournament at Namco and the Nerf War.

Air-Hockey... just to let you know if you are going to be at Namco on the Friday, it will be first come first served for entrants, I might be making it up to 24 or 32 players depending on how many are going and what the time will be, and there will be a prize for the champion. Last time, 16 players took part. Now the tournament is established, I'll be making records this time and hopefully making the videos look a bit more professional.
Nerf War... it'll be outside the Premier Travel Inn on Saturday at about 7.30pm. We'll do the Pocky Run with Joey first and then we'll battle. Anyone can take part even if you haven't got a Nerf gun, and if you have a camcorder that'd be great because we need footage of all angles. The more people who attend the Nerf War, the better.

I will be talking Expo again soon in a special blog on here, and it'll all be in my eBook as well. Oh, and on my Times News too. :) Now then, got to copy and paste this crap to about 10 blogging sites which takes longer than typing the bleedin' thing, then I'm going to catch up with the Crazy Collaboration Network. BOOSH!

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