Monday, 24 May 2010

Pre-Expo Info Blog

Alright, this is my last blog about Expo before the big event. I go down there in 4 days, stay there from Friday to Monday, and have one of the best times ever. This time, I'm probably more busy than any other Expo. I think my sleep times will range from none to completely none, and by Monday morning I'll still be hyper drinking Coke. LET'S DO THIS!

I meet Jodie, and we head off to London. We'll probably get to the Premier Travel Inn just before 2pm, so please, whoever has my number, don't text me. It's nice of you to ask where I am but I get swamped. It's a tradition I'd like to stop. Here.. if I'm not there by 2.30pm, text me then. :P
After saying hello to loads of my awesome friends, it's time to head off into London at 4pm. If you're going, meet outside the PTI at 3.45pm because if you're not out there by 4pm, you'll miss going with the group. If nobody else is going at 4pm, I'll see you all later at Namco. :P
First stop is Forbidden Planet, then off for food (I'm going to McDonalds), and then to Namco Arcade. As soon as I get in there, I'll be setting up my camera and starting the Air-Hockey Tournament. If the demand is as high as it seems, it could be a long tournament. If you're not planning on sticking around in Namco, do not enter the tournament, the last thing I'll want is someone to get into the next round and leave, or can't be found and waste people's time looking for you. That WILL annoy me. *evil Tony look* Yes, anyway, hehe. I have prizes for the final which Sheffield Space Centre complimented us with, so really epic stuff.
I have no idea when the Tournament will end but hopefully if we can keep it flowing well, it'll end before 9pm. I want to do my game of Deal Or No Deal and win this time.Anyway, make sure you have your pennies with you, it's going to be an epic night. After Namco, it's back to the PTI, and to bed as soon as I get there as well.

Up at 3am, get dressed up as Professor Oak, and get into the PTI lobby at 4am. I'll get up at 3am because other than getting ready, I'll need food. 4.05am, it's to the ExCeL where the bridge is... what bridge? Haha. Oh well, someone will know. A load of us cosplayers will then watch the sun rise, and then queue up. Sammy will be doing a Pokewalker Challenge starting at 5.30am so if you want to be a part of that, check her Facebook, she'll be tagged on this blog on that said website.
I wasn't going to get up that early but I think it'll be a lot of fun and I want my place at the front of the queue.
We queue up, which is also a big part of the Expo weekend, and then go into the event. First thing's first, I want my Masquerade ticket. Then I'm going to the Tecmo Koei stand because they have epic stuffs.I will be doing my first wander video very early in the day before the place gets crowded. I want to see the stalls properly and film the lot. I will do a second wander video later on though concentrating more on the cosplayers.
At 12pm, it's the Nintendo DS World Record attempt, which will be broken. Later on, I'll queue for Masquerade and watch a brilliant event. It's the qualifier for the Euro Cosplay Championships so one not to miss. Of course, as always, I'll be dreading my camera going pop or something. I don't think I show my worries when I'm there but I'm always scared my camera will mess up or something.
Straight after Masquerade, I'm not waiting for anything, it's a mad dash back to PTI to watch Doctor Who. At 7.30pm, it's the Nerf War, which Georgina has kindly said she'd film using my camera and following me about in the war. Last time we did this, I didn't film anything, so this time I want something for Tonyo Times' Expo Extra. That'll be fun. Oh, and the Pocky Brigade is abck as Joey does the crazy thing of sticking Pocky to himself and running. He'll have a 20 second head start this time, and only a minute to catch him. THAT WILL BE IMMENSE!
To end the night, it's time for pizza and a relaxing time in the PTI lobby and bar. I doubt it'll be an early night, but I think I'll try being earlier than usual.
Up early to queue for the relaxing day at Expo. Professor Oak will be put away until 2012 because on Sunday, I'll be the Nerf Ninja. I'll have my two guns, and Nerf combat gear on. It will be epic.
From 11am to 12.30pm, it's the Crazy Collaboration Meet just inside ExCeL west entrance (Custom House station side). If there's anyone you like on TCT, ICN or KoC, this is a good chance to meet them. Not all members will be there, but quite a few will be.In the afternoon, it's the Masquerade, so I'll be queuing again for that and hoping my cameras behave. I am planning on having a third camcorder by October. Just got to save the pennies until then.
After the Expo is over, me and a few others go to the chippy. This time, we'll be heading over to hang out with Luna and friends. I suggested a game of football to see in the World Cup and I've taken it upon myself to lead Japan to victory. I want 4 teams to play a league, about 5-7 minutes per game, and hopefully we'll get people to film it and take photos. It might get a bit dark though? I will have my official world cup Japan shirt for then, I can't wait to wear it for my country. Haha.
The last thing on Sunday will be the chat. The After-Expo Chat is the controverisal and most honest view you'll see, EVER! Me and a group of Expo friends talk about the weekend. It's the most unwatched thing on my Expo Extra videos, but it's still one of those things we need to do to complete the weekend.

I'll probably be in the lobby until late drinking a can of Pepsi, unless nobody else I know is in there. I want to do the lobby again, it was fun in October.
I get a little bit of sleep and then it's home time. Boo *cries* Then we all get home, get online, and talk about what we're doing in October.

I must stress that I have so much to do, with things I haven't included in this, that my time has to be accurate and I cannot wait around for anyone. I do apologise in advance if you're expecting anything of me, but if I have to be somewhere like I've stated here, then I will have to go. Time is a big issue this Expo, too much to film, not enough time.

Other things I will be filming will be the new Expo People, MCM Buzz Special, and I have another plan which I think I'll keep to myself because it's mine. :PAlright, let's all have some fun, and see you at Expo. YES!

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