Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pokewalker and Fringe

Couple of things to talk about here before I go to bed. Fortunately, tonight is my last night at work until Thursday. I work next weekend and then I have a week off for Expo. YES! So this week I'll be sorting any media stuff I need to and save all the little bits and bobs for the week after.Pokewalker.. I made a status on my Facebook asking if anyone had a Pokewalker. I got quite a good response but now I'm going to explain why I asked and everyone will groan and leave the room. :P

If you've seen my Tonyo Times blogs where I make a newspaper cover thing, I like getting people to take photos of a certain genre and I add them to that. This time, I want people to take photos with their Pokewalkers. Add your photo to Facebook and tag me, I'll nab it and put it on a Tonyo Times. :) I know I'll get people saying they'll do it and then never do. That's the way it's always been, but as long three or four people give it a go, I'll be pleased.

I might make a special gallery on my Expo ebook (after Expo) for Pokewalker owners. I will be looking for people at Expo who have one to take photos. Let's see how many I can get.

Fringe.. If you've been keeping up to date with what's happening at Expo, you'll see a lot of talk about Fringe actors. To be perfectly honest, I hadn't got a clue what Fringe was. I thought it was a programme about a hair salon or something. It isn't though, it's J.J. Abrams latest series which has gone into two seasons and has been signed for a third. I haven't seen any of it yet but after having a read about it and with Amazon customers rating it very highly, I took the plunge and bought the first series. So you know what else I'll be doing before Expo weekend. Cheers MCM, I may have found a new series that I desperately need since Lost is finishing in a couple of weeks. *cries* Nooooooo, don't end Lost... wait, actually, please end, it's getting stupid. Haha.

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