Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dream: Bring It Statham!

I had an epic dream today. It started off a little strange but hopefully it means I wont dream about work again. For the last couple of weeks, I've dreamt about work about 4 times. It's bad enough being there but dreaming about it too, not good. I do like blogging my dreams though as long as they're epic.

In this dream, I was leaving the bloody work place. I was riding my mountain bike up this road really casual like when one of my work colleagues zipped past me. I took him on, we raced a bit here and there, and then we went our seperate ways when we got to some traffic lights.My dream changed here. My bike vanished and a queue of people I work with were all waiting for the lights to turn green. We were all on the road stood there, no cars or bikes, that was odd. I stood next to my future brother and sister-in-law, Matthew and Maggie, and in front of them was another one of my work colleagues, who I call Smiley. In fact, I'll call her Smiley throughout this blog. We were all shocked when she was stood next to Jason Statham, cuddling and kissing him. He gave us all a look and said "What you f***ing looking at" and wanted to start on us. Everyone ran in different directions away from Statham, and someone I didn't know ran up this road and told me to go the other side so we can stop Statham and his rage.The whole setting then changed to a giant warehouse. I turned into some kind of freerunning ninja. Everywhere I jumped, higher, lower, on to some walls and barriers, I was landing them perfectly. Statham came after me and we started battling, he threw cardboard rolls at me, and I dodged them and hit them away with my own cardboard roll... you know those roll packaging you get posters in sometimes, yes those, we were actually fighting with cardboard rolls! Anyhoos, this other person I didn't know distracted him, I ran away and saw Smiley just standing there watching the battle. My view went to some sellotape, which I unwrapped and left on the floor so Statham would trip into it and get stuck. I ran down the warehouse, found some flying cars, I jumped in one and flew off. I saw Statham raging at me from the floor, I got away, he was pissed off.Why was Jason Staham so angry at my escape, well this is where the flashback bit comes in. My dream became like a movie and I couldn't have written it better. It went back to where I saw Smiley, I gagged her, tied her up, did the sellotape trap, picked her up and ran to the flying car... gone! See ya Jase.Now I don't know if I was actually saving Smiley or not, but I think she was in danger and he was going to turn into some creature and eat everyone? I don't know. But the fight scenes were epic. Jet Li, you aint got anything on my skills... in my dreams.In reality, I just miss holes over walls when I'm freerunning, and when I try and ninja a tree for the first time in about 15 years, I fall into a bush. Only in my sodding dreams innit.

In other news... I got Time Bandits, Howard The Duck, and Transformers on DVD today. Also, Naruto 47, and two new .Hack mangas. YES! Boosh! I ALSO HAS LEGO!

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